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I purchased 17 top down, bottom up cell blinds from Blinds to Go. The mechanical components used to operate the blinds are cheep and poorly engineered.

The operating mechanism is a round plastic guide that the string passes around and a plastic triangle catch that grabs the string. Problem--plastic parts cause the string to fray and snap. After a few years the string in 9 of my blinds snapped and Blinds to Go repaired. When the 10th blind failed they refused to repair it and told me that they purge information older than 6 years from their system and would not honor repairing their product unless I could produce the original receipt.

I have to ask if the blinds are guaranteed for life why does Blinds to Go hold their customer to a higher standard then they do themselves. I'm expected to maintain records for a longer span of time then the retailer. I had a blind repaired less than a year earlier and suddenly my purchase information has been purged from the system? Yes, all of my repair information is in the system but that does not qualify me for the repair of the 10th blind -- they stated that I must produce the original receipt.

Don't purchase blinds from this company.

The product is cheep and unreliable. Within three years of the purchase you will be driving back and forth to the store to have repairs completed.

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I completely agree with you. I recently made a purchase of blinds, from Blinds to Go, tops down bottom up type.

They claimed to be BLACKOUT blinds but so much light comes through the sides that in the mornings we need sunglasses in bed. The honeycomb type blinds do not lay against the window. The way the brackets sit the shade just dangles. The shades are made cheap.

We spent over $2000 to do 10 windows. The temporary paper shades we purchased at Home Depot for $7 did a better job blacking out the light than the so called BLACKOUT blinds from Blinds to Go which costs over $200 each!! The Manager at Blinds to Go refuses to make it right..The Customer service completely sucks. I spent to much money on these blinds to just let it go.

It looks like a trip to small claims court is in order, plus a call to the better business bureau. They should not be able to sell the inferior product and completely ignore customer complaints.

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