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We bought two large custom-made blinds from Blinds to Go to fit our front bedrooms in the house we moved in. Over the years, the blinds malfunctioned and we returned one to have it replaced under their "lifetime" warranty. They refused, claiming it wasn't their blind! Because several years had passed and I didn't have the receipt, I ended up ordering and paying for a new one. When the other one broke recently, they said the same thing: Not our... Read more

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I'd be very surprised if any of the positive reviews on this site are posted by real customers and not Blindstogo employees. The products are poor qualify and they offer no discussion around returns or replacements - a policy which is not displayed anywhere on their website as visible terms and conditions. I'd suggest that trading standards should investigate them as I imagine that there are a lot of customers who have quite simply been robbed... Read more

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My first experience with Blinds to Go related to the cords. After a few years some of the cords frayed. I brought the Blinds back to Blinds to Go with my bill, they sent the blinds immediately to their factory and they were back in my hands in less than 48 hours. They honour their warranties and I have no qualms about highly recommending them. More recently I bought a blind, and the material had a small defect one could hardly see. They... Read more

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One of the strings on one of my blinds broke and a few other strings are frayed.(About to break anytime now) Since Blinds to Go is no longer in business in the Tampa Florida area there lifetime warranty is worthless. The blinds are just a few years old and we bought 8 blinds. What sold us on buying at Blinds to Go was there LIFETIME WARRANTY which is WORTHLESS. I strongly suggest if you are interested in blinds that have strings to open and... Read more

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Don't buy from them. They are currently messing up with me emotionally. I live in London and they sent my blinds to Bolton. I had informed them prior that I was moving home. I spoke to one of their reps and and was told they'd collect from Bolton the next day only to call them today and be told it has not been collected. They (blinds to go) further stated that they are unable to tell me when it'll be delivered. I requested their complaints... Read more

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Blinds To Go - Bad experience do Not recommend Don't waste your money! Costumer service horrible, workers are very mean people:(( Add comment

I placed an order of six blinds and one blind arrived with the wrong bracket. One would think that this is easy fix as they would just send the right part. NO! Two weeks later and still no part after 2 trips to the store and many, many phone calls. This company needs to address this issue immediately by providing a better method when someone at their factory ships packages the wrong part. Consultant at the store didn't bother to check what the... Read more

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Not recommended they mess with u psychologicaly mentally and emotionally and they keep on leading u on with this development plan it's a very sad terrifying place gets to the point of doubting ur self no matter how hopeless ur don't work there I got fired verbally and they r not even send me a termination form so I don't collect unemployment they r playing with words they should be stopped the chairman was talking down to me making false... Read more

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They gave me the wrong size blinds and would Not correct it. Terrible customer service, even emailed the CEO and he was a ***! Do not go there. I am out $500 and can't do anything with the blinds they gave me. Once I tried to explain the situation they didn't care they were rude and I was very nip to them. It was obvious to me that this happens a lot. Several years prior to that I ordered blinds and they promised them in 2 days it took 2 weeks... Read more

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I purchased a large order, was hurried at the end and the sales person made mistakes. Upon installing the order the 2 mistakes came to my attention. I immediately contacted the store, there a re apparently no managers, I was first told that she would correct her mistake and then on a second call both that I made, n o return calls were ever placed to me, I was told " Send me pictures and I will see what I can do." That is a BS answer and I am... Read more

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